zPay is the payment feature that enables all types of credit/debit card interactions between you and Zoafia and between you and your customers. In order to comply with local and international standards of payment processing, it is necessary that all card transactions data are securely entered, transmitted and stored and it is our foremost concern that all transactions can be verified and are legitimate.

zPay is powered by Paystack who has a level 1 compliance of PCI DSS and are audited yearly by a recognized Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Paystack provides zPay with secure card data processing and storage abilities while zPay interfaces with merchants and merchant customers.

At sign up, zPay creates a receiving account for your store using the bank account details you provided. This is the account your customers pay into.

In order for zPay (and Paystack) to verify all transactions coming to a merchant store, all payments will take a minimum of 24 hours to actually reflect in merchant account.


At signup, a charge of NGN 50 is done purely for verification purposes as the best way to verify the credit/debit card supplied is by charging it.

Also when during checkout on a Zoafia powered merchant site, zPay and Paystack will debit the exact amount stated as the price of the product from the customer account, however there is a 1.5% + NGN150 (for local cards) or 3.9% + NGN150 (for international cards) charge for payment processing which is charging customer card and disbursing to merchant account. 1.5% in this case being 1.5% of the stated product price. If the product price is less than NGN2499, the charge is reduced to 1.5% + NGN50 for local cards and 3.9% + NGN50 for international cards..

These charges are solely for card payment processing by zPay powered by Paystack and have no bearing on monthly billing on your store.