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Beautiful responsive webstore for your brand.

Your brand, your way. Whether on a computer, mobile phone or tablet, your branded webstore and admin backend covers all your customers as well as your business management on any device.

Your customers pay directly to you.

Everybody frowns at someone holding their money for a few days, we do too. zPay moves money from your customer's account into your account. No third party hold ups!

Send professional customized after sale receipts.

zReciepts allows you to send professional after sales pdf reciepts to your customers, whether the sale was made online or offline. Simultaneously cutting costs on paper reciepts and propagating your brand.

Track and analyze your sales using zSheets

Keeping a sales record is hugely important but entirely bothersome. zSheets does that so you don't have to. All you have to do is do what you do best. Make sales. Download your sales sheets in either csv or pdf.

Turn every customer into a repeat customer with zBase.

With a customer database you finally own a loyal customer base. Get insights about your customers' previous purchases, contact information, preferences etc and use that data to drive more sales.

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Beautiful and responsive webstore

Amazing webstore made for all devices with a fully integrated checkout process. No technical skill needed.


The payment solution you've always wanted for your online store. Processes payments from all major debit cards into your account.


zReceipts notices when a sale has been made in your shop and instantly prepares a receipt for you to send with just one click. You can also send reciepts for offline sales.

Whatsapp Chats

Allow your customers to chat with you straight from your webstore. Add your business whatsapp contact and chat with propsective customers on your store.


Unleash the power of repeat customers using zBase. zBase keeps detailed record of all your existing customers giving you unique insights to get them buying more.


Keep a track record of your sales progress and stock in a dynamic sales sheet. Export/Download to pdf or csv(excel) for further analysis.

Frequently asked questions

How does Zoafia store work?
Zoafia allows you to create an instant ecommerce website for your business already integrated with business tools just by fully signing up. After onboarding you have a personalized admin dashboard that grants you full access to the features of Zoafia. From there you can manage your store. By default Zoafia will provide you with a personal url for your shop at https://mystore.zoafia.com. This link is already secured for online purchases meaning you can start inviting your customers to come purchase from your store. If you want a personalized link, contact our help desk and we'll be happy to assist you.
"How secure are transactions on Zoafia.com?"
Your Zoafia store hosted at (https://mystore.zoafia.com) is automatically secured with a Secure socket Layer/Transport Layer security. What this "jibberish" means is that links to and within your store is automatically secured and transaction details of you and your customers are secure and safe. Zoafia's payment feature, zPay partners with Paystack which has a level 1 PCI/DSS clearance and is regularly checked by a qualified certificate authority and the Central Bank of Nigeria. Paystack helps zPay secure transactions, securely store transaction details and flags any fraudulent transactions on your store.
"On what domain will my store be hosted?"
Zoafia provides first level subdomains on the fly for all new shops (https://mystore.zoafia.com). These subdomains are automatically secured with a Secure socket Layer/Transport Layer security. This means you can start receiving payments immediatey you set up. If you want to use your own domain (https://www.mystore.com) contact our help desk and we'll be ready to assist you.
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